Beach Rides On Monterey Bay

Take in the beauty of monterey bay as you wind through lush dune trails and ride along the water.

For The WHole Family

Our beach rides take you through the unique Monterey Dunes and along the coastline, located at the heart of the Monterey Bay. Most days offer stunning views from Santa Cruz to Monterey. We can accommodate riders of at least 10 years of age and at least 54″ tall (Please don’t exaggerate your child’s height). We try to make your ride something to remember for a lifetime.


Download our Rental Release Form if you have a minor riding without a parent present.  Alternatively you can sign the release form online, after you have read the release form and have already called about your reservation. When filling out a form online, please us the date of the ride and make sure to have the name of the reservation on it.



Jeans and tennis shoes or cowboy boots are recommended (no flip flops and please avoid large soled shoes). A sweatshirt or a light jacket, sunglasses and phones or pocket cameras can really come in handy. It recommended that you have a secure pocket to carry your phone, camera and car keys. We use a state parks parking lot that is unattended. Plan vehicle contents accordingly.