Petting Zoo

One of the most memorable times of a child's life is their first zoo visit.

What We Give You

One of the most memorable times of a child’s life is the first time they went to a zoo. Now you can bring that zoo to your home for a private party, school or company event. We have a wonderful bunch of animals that just love kids. The way it works is, we come to your home (or other special place), set up a fenced enclosure and fill it with animals. One or two of our staff will be in the zoo at all times to show the children how to pet and hold the animals. We bring a variety of animals for the kids to enjoy, including; pigmy goats, rabbits, sheep, Guinea Pigs, miniature pigs, and chickens (when available, we will bring baby chicks). We also provide small kid sized chairs so they can set a bunny on their lap.

 Prices quoted are for the greater Monterey Peninsula/Salinas Valley area. Prices are subject to change. Call for a quote for other areas.


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