Pony Parties And Pony Wheels

At the Monterey Bay Equestrian Center, we take pride in offering to you our ponies.

What We Offer

Our ponies are available for private and corporate parties, church and school fund-raisers and civic events. The ponies are well taken care of and are accustomed to being around the hustle and bustle of parties and festivals.

Leadline Pony Prices:

For private parties, one of our wonderful ponies is brought to your home, a park or other suitable place, saddled up and led around for the children by one of our staff. The cost for this service is as follows:

Festivals or commercial and corporate events:

For larger events, we have a sweep, or pony wheel. This consists of a turn style, perimeter fence and four to five ponies/small horses. It takes up approximately a 21′ diameter circle. Prices are set on an individual basis. Please call for a quote.